Prime Supply 1: The Supplier’s Beginning

Prime Supply 1 has been a supplier of landscaping/construction contractors and architects around the nation since 2015 with its superb customer service. Behind this company has been the work of one hardworking lady, Yumi Charlebois, who has been working in the construction industry for 16 years. She first started off working in this industry because she didn’t want to uphold society’s viewing of gender roles in the working industry. Coming up from an independent, hardworking family setting, she learned to become goal-oriented and driven to achieve what she wanted to accomplish in life, which was to start her own company. She worked her way up as a inside salesperson to becoming a major distributor of construction supplies to eventually starting up her own business in California. There she worked with gaining clients locally in California to clients from the east coast of New York displaying the versatility of her ability to communicate with different customers. Ms. Charlebois has been dedicating her time and services to gain her customers’ trusts through her actions of consistently getting her clients’ materials on time for them to get their construction projects started on schedule. She has also been able to make relationships with countless construction manufacturers in order to be trusted to sell their products through her company, such as Mirafi, Permaloc, Typar, Sureloc, and many more. With years of experience in working this industry and efforts to gain a positive relationship with clients, Ms. Charlebois has all the materials, drive, and passion to help grow your business to the next level.