Industrial Fabrics& Membranes

Providing solutions for soil separation, confinement and reinforcement is the very reason Geosynthetic Systems.

Erosion & Sediment Control

Whether you're looking to prevent soil on your golf course from blowing away until vegetation takes hold or you need to stop silt from your construction site from settling in nearby waterways, Geosynthetic Systems has what you need.

Drainage & Stormwater Management

From traditional products such as sub-surface drainage tubing and corrugated steel pipe to innovative products such as geocomposite drainage systems, the experts at Geosynthetic Systems can make sure you find the products and receive the installation information you need to get your project designed and built right the first time.


Landscape Specialties

The landscaping experts at Geosynthetic Systems have spent more than a decade in landscape design and construction. We know the industry well and can provide a wide range of landscaping materials. From landscape fabric and weed barriers to lawn edging and tree anchors, Geosynthetic Systems has you covered.



The purpose of Hydro Canals is to create a non-restrictive passageway for water to get to a hydroelectric station some great distance away. The purpose of lining the passageway is to greatly increase the green-usage of the available water by reducing the seepage of the water through the canal walls as it is traveling towards its destination. With the installation of a liner system, the water can easily be retained and directed to where it needs to go.


Next Steps...

Fabricates liners from many specialty materials that are not listed on our webpage. Give us a call if you are working with a product specification for a material that you do not see.  We can provide you with a solution even on repairs to liners made from now obsolete materials.

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